VFS02 - Stage Jougne-Orbe

Total length
18.6 km

After having crossed the hill of Jougne, frequented since ancient times, the Via Francigena passes by the Chapel of St. Maurice, founded by the canons of the Abbey of St. Maurice in Valais.  Before us is the bank of the Entefer, whose name recalls that of the ‘Antifern’ used by Archbishop Sigeric in reference to Jougne on the occasion of his passing in 990 (56. Antifern).  Well sign-posted with frequently placed information plaques, the historical trail of Jougne crosses the Franco-Swiss border and leads to Bellaigues, passing in close proximity to ancient remains.  The road opens onto the Swiss plane and the Alpine chain.  Passing Lignerolle, the path descends towards Les Cées, where its castle once occupied a strategic position facing the hill of Jougne.  The descent towards Orbe (55. Urba) which hosts the most important collection of Roman mosaics north of the Alps, heads out following the shaded trail of the Orbe gorges.