VFS11 - Stage Bourg-St-Pierre–Col du Gd St-Bernard

Start node info
End node info
Great St. Bernard Pass
Total length
11.5 km



Suggested time

June - October

How to arrive

With the train from Milan or Geneva/Lausanne, then change at Martigny to Orsières and take the bus to Bourg-Saint-Pierre.

Timetable available on www.sbb.ch

How to get back

With the bus from Bourg-Saint-Pierre to Aosta or to Orsières, then the train to Martigny.

Timetable available on www.sbb.ch


Difference in heigt: + 1100 m

Undoubtedly the most symbolic stage on the ViaFrancigena! The way to the pass leads along a road which has served the whole of Europe for 2000 years.

Countless archaeological sites line the ascent, above all in L’Hospitalet and on the Great-St-Bernard Pass.

Attention, from November to early June, the road and the trail are snowy. It is dangerous (avalanches) to cover this sectionwithout a guide!

For more information: info@saint-bernard.ch