The agriculture is one of the main activities in Verrayes. Four consortiums for land improvement are situated in the area to hack hydrological instability problems.The agriculture is still today really important in the Commune of Verrayes, which numbers around 1000 inhabitants. The specialized cultivations, such as grapevines or arable (i.e. potatoes) are the most cultivated species. Moreover, also grazing is practiced.

The territory of Verrayes is exposed to the risk of hydrological instability and in the future the abandonment of existing and rural building stock could increase the danger. For this reason, four consortiums for land improvement work in the area. In the immediate vicinity of Verrayes it is possible to visit the arboretum and the natural reserve of Lozon’s pond; there is also a landing field for people who flight.

The tsan and palets are two of the most popular games.