Gropello Cairoli

The village has developed along the central road, which has Medieval origins. The village is placed on the South of Pavia, in the Lomellina. The first part of the toponym takes origin from the Latin grupellum, that it means rise, or from ripellium, that it means bank, in reason of its position on the bank of the Ticino. The word “Cairoli” was added in 1888, in honour of the patriot Benedetto Cairoli, member of a family of landholders of the area.

The village was developed along only one road and the two churches are placed at the extremities of it; the road has medieval origins. Today the economy is based on the agriculture and on the industrial and handicraft activities. In April the celebrations in honour of the patron Saint George take place: for nine days the exhibition markets of farm implements, the local street markets and the spring fair liven up the streets.