Garlasco is situated among the ricefields of the Lomellina; the etymology of the name is uncertain. According to a weak hypothesis, the name would take origin from Garlascum; someone claims that it is connected to the Celtic wordcarl, that it is the land rented by farmers and from which could take origin Carlasi, Karlascum, Carlasco. According to the most probable supposition, Garlasco would take origin from the Celtic word Ker-leski, which means village of the burning, because of the finding of a Gallic necropolis.

In the area there were rice, maize and cereals fields. It is part of “Parco Lombardo della Valle del Ticino”. A cross-shaped shield with a silvered cross represented on a red background, surrounded by bay and oak leaves and surmounted by a crown: this is the coat of arms of the Commune. This symbology makes reference to its key role during the defence of Pavia in 1500.