The area of Donnas covers the two sides of Dora Baltea. Via delle Gallie is an example of Roman age.

26 hamlets are part of Donnas’ municipality; it is one of the first Commune placed out of the area of the Canavese. The area of Donnas is divided in two parishes: one parish is on the adret (orographic left side of the river), where there is the ancient village, the other one is on the envers (orographic right side of the river) and it is vaster.

This second area belongs to the Vert hamlet. There are the signs of the times and the information are few, such as rock carvings or boulders coppellatti.

Instead, the Romans have left strong signs of their passage, as the Via delle Gallie Various hypothesis about the origin of the toponym Donnas have been proposed: it could be derived from the Latin donax, that is elm-grove, a reed which grew in the area in the antiquity, from the proper name Donatus, or from donnasc, a kind of chestnut of the 14th century.