VF45 - 90 Roma - Benessere con un tocco

An elegant and holistic Center among the English Villini of Montesacro District, where you can relax on a splendid holistic massage with aromatic essential oils.
Enjoying a massage after such a long journey is a real magic experience as well as a very useful way for releasing tensions and draining the lactic acid accumulated during the pilgrimage stressing effort.
Particular attention will be given to your feet, through a variety of massaging and relaxing techniques. The use of recovery gel will also help you to walk better in the next few days. Warm towels applied after the massage will reactivate your bloodstream and release further contractions.
If you would like, you are invited to attend lessons on anti-stress gymnastics or Feldenkrais Postural Movement.
The Center is located in a very quiet area, with a private garden and garage.
You may shower before and after treatment, and finally enjoy a relaxing cup of tea or tisane.  

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