ITnorth-"Pilgrim" accomodations

VF17 - 90 Fiorenzuola d'Arda - Bottega di Sciara Progetti

Home  of  a  theater  company.  ample  space  for  hospitality  of artists  and  pilgrims,  with  reserved  spaces  and  spaces  for sharing. 

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VF20 - 60 Calestano - La Locanda nel vento

Old and charming farmhouse in the hills around Parma, with stunning views of the Baganza river.

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VF22 - 90 Pontremoli - Seminario di Pontremoli

This historic building, once occupied by the Franciscan Covent, is located in a central and convenient position in Pontremoli and it has been recently renovated, still conserving that typical Franciscan simplicity in decor. Pilgrims can take advantage of two types of hospitality according to their different needs. The fireplace room will host pleasant convivial moments, while large common areas will guarantee moments of study and meeting - even with the provision of some internet stations. The stay in the seminary can be enriched by the visiting to the Ancient Library, the Restoration Laboratory and the Diocesan Museum.

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